Workshop Schedules


2014 - Invitations


*The Fifth Province:  Interview with Nollaig Byrne, Imelda McCarthy & Philip Kearney by Marie Keenan.   A Systemic Café organised by the Family Therapy Association of Ireland.   Sandymount Hotel.  Dublin.   February 11.

*The Fifth Province. Fourth Year Systemic Therapy Students.  Clanwilliam Institute.  August 30th   

*Ongoing Personal & Professional Development Seminars with Trainees in Supervision Programme.  Clanwilliam Institute Dublin.

*Ongoing Supervision with Staff.   Hesed House community therapy service. Dublin


* Systemic Research in Therapy, Education and Organisational Development.  Organised by the Institute of Medical Psychology, Heidleberg University and EFA.   University of Hedelberg. March 6 - 8 2014   Heidelberg 2014.pdf


Self as Leader and the Fifth Province.    Skype Presentation at Blue Star Leader’s Retreat.  Leonen. Holland. 11 - 12 June.


*Conversations at TW@C.    Invited gathering of thought leaders at CERN,  (European Organisaton for Nuclear Research) Geneva.   Organised by the Tállberg Foundation, Sweden.  21 - 13 October


* A Day of Retreat inThe Fifth Province. . Friends of KCC Group. Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL. .   London.   7 November

2013 - Invitations


*Den Femte Provins - A skype attendance and presentation at the day-long workshop with Sigrid Larsen and colleagues in Lakselv/Karasjok, Northern Norway.  27/4/13.


*Self and Community of Selves.   Workshop with Dr Bernadette O’Sullivan for trainers at Clanwilliam Institute, Dublin 13/5/13

*Early Strategic Dialogues at the MRI with Dr. Ed McHale.   Bateson Clinic, Dublin. September


*'Socio-Economic Change: Family Therapy in the Face of New Emerging Conditions'  Nora Bateson in conversation with Imelda McCarthy.  European Family Therapy Association.  Plenary Session Chair.   Istanbul, Turkey.   24 October.  Click here

2012 - Invitations


*Bateson’s Legacy to Systemic Practice.  Relate.  National Media Centre, Bradford. UK 20th  February. 


*Gregory Bateson and the Rhizome Century:  A celebration of the life and work of Lynn Hoffman. Vancouver.  23 - 25 October 


*An Ecology of Mind - a film by Nora Bateson.  UCD Student Film Centre Dublin.  Panel

*Series of Personal and Professional Development (PPD) Conversations,  Supervisor’s training  

      Programme.  Clanwilliam Institute (2011 - 2012)

*Series of Personal and Professional Development (PPD) Conversations,  Supervisor’s training  

      Programme.  Hesed House Dublin  (2011 - 2012)

*Systemic Supervision Workshop, Dublin Gestalt Centre, Dublin 24th March

*Systemic Supervision Workshop, National Family Mediation Service, Dublin 8th May

2011 - Invitations


*Re-Searching Conversations with Gail Simon - Dublin 15/16 January

*Series of Personal and Professional Development (PPD) Conversations,  Supervisor’s training  

      Programme.  Clanwilliam Institute (2011 - 2012)

*Series of Personal and Professional Development (PPD) Conversations,  Supervisor’s training  

      Programme.  Hesed House Dublin  (2011 - 2012)

*Fifth Province Conversations.  Clanwilliam Institute.  April 2011

*Glimpses of Irish Narrative Practice Conference.  Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth.  7th May   Closing  

  Reflections with Dr. Stephen Madigan (Canada) Click Here

*Supervision Workshop.   National Family Mediation Service. Dublin.  September

*Re-Searching Conversations - University of Bedfordshire PhD Programme.   Dublin. Oct.

* Supervision Workshop.   National Family Mediation Service. Dublin.  December

Virtual Activites on the Web

*Blue Star Facilitator’s Programme Canada.

2010 - Invitations


Supervision in the Fifth Province - 12 January 2010.  Seminar with National Family Mediation Service. Dublin.


Supervision in the Fifth Province - 12 February 2010.  Group supervision - Yorkshire organised by Gail Simon.


The Space of the Fifth Province - 23-24 September 2010.  Swedish Family Therapy Association.  Umea.  Click Here


Re-Membering Pasts and Imagining Futures:  Interaction at the Heart of Practice with Professor Laura Fruggeri, Anna Castellucci, Maurizio Marzari, Prof Umberta Telfner (Italy), Mia Andersson, Per Gottberg (Sweden).   European Family Therapy Association Congress.  29-31 October. Paris

2009 - Invitations


Reflexions on Supervision in the Fifth Province - 13 January 2009.  National Family Mediation Service. Dublin.

Stress Management and Self Care. 10 March 2009.   Community Drug’s Programme.  School of Applied Social Science.  University College Dublin.  

The Fifth Province: a Celebration of Dr. Nollaig Byrne.   3 April 2009.   Mater Child and Adolescent Mental Health Centre, Catherine McCauley Centre, Nelson Street. Dublin.

Stress Management in Social Work Training.  16 April 2009.   Masters in Social Work Programme, School of Applied Social Science.   UCD.   Dublin.

The Process of Change in Systemic/Social Constructionist Therapies.  22 April 2009.  Clanwilliam Institute. Dublin.

The Therapeutic Relationship (with Michael McCarthy).   25 - 26 April 2009 Irish School of Natural Healing.  Port Laois.

Self Care: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Dimensions.   Conference of Religious of Ireland (CORI)  18 June 2009.  Dublin.


Training in a Woman’s Voice.   28 - 30 May 2009.  Kensington Consultation Centre.  London. UK

See Here    Download Presentation

2008 - Invitations


The Therapeutic Relationship - with Michael McCarthy MA (Thb) at the Irish School of Natural Healing - March and October

A Fifth Province Approach:  Co-Creating Therapeutic Possibilities, Family Therapy Training Programme, Mater Hospital Dublin.   March

Systemic Therapy, Gestalt Institute, Dublin.  May

Clanwilliam Institute - Series of Workshops

Czech Republic

Co-Creative Therapy.   One Day workshop at the Institute for Systemic Experience, Prague - Autumn


PhD Defence Meeting at the University of Tilburg, Holland with TAOS/Tilburg University PhD Programme in Social Constructionism and Appreciative Inquiry.   April and November

2007 - Invitations



Presence:  A Multi-Dimensional Process in Therapeutic Conversations.   Sligo Psychotherapy Centre.  Sligo.   20 January


Co-Creative Therapy in the Fifth Province. Dublin - April


Co-Creative Coaching, Counselling & Therapy.  Blue Star Ireland Group, Dublin   21 April


Hope and Despair in Family Therapy with Professor Jim Sheehan.  Irish Council for Psychotherapy.  8 June  



Blue Star Co-Creative Coaching & Counselling:  Presence and the Co-Creation of Space.

Blue Star Centre, Loenen.  

3 March.  See Here



Hope and Beyond:  Therapy as a Province of Possibilities.  Kensington Consultation Centre.  

31 March.    



The Fifth Province Approach.   TAOS Institute/Formazione al Dragonato.  Lugano  

18 - 19 May