Personal Journey

In 1999 I met my spiritual teacher, Sri Vasudeva and was under his personal guidance for a year in which I practiced and explored the discipline of meditation intensely.

In that year I also set up a meditation group and organised day retreats monthly for three years.   These retreats developed into three day residential retreats held bi-anually for an all Ireland group. 

From 2000 I have given workshops, both with Sri Vasudeva and alone, on working with Spirit in psychotherapy.   These emerged from my experience that therapy is often a deeply spiritual experience in that when there is an intense focus present moment awareness invites a new clarity to the issues at hand. This in turn generates an experience of ‘inter-being’ or ‘communion’ where unforeseen and unimagined possibilities for transformation are co-created.   I have referred to this as being present in the present as presence.  

Through my years of meditation and conversations with Sri Vasudeva, I became more and more fascinated by how the practice of sitting meditation has parallels in therapeutic practice.   In both, there is attention to the space in which they occur, there is a period of relaxation and centering, present moment awareness is intensified and an experience of a different kind of ‘Presence’ is not uncommon In both practices we can come to know and accept ourselves for who we are beyond the limitations of restricting categories.   We see that our spirit once realised releases us beyond the confines of our previous identifications.    As Taillhard de Chardin said, “we are spiritual beings having a human experience”.    It has been my experience both in meditation and therapy that once realised, our spiritual being opens us to expanded horizons and an infinite field of possibilities in the human experience.  

In both meditation and therapy we can be brought to a deep awareness of the an ineffable ‘Self’ that seems a constant across our myriad of selfs in our social worlds.   As we realise this ‘Self’ we can become more  sensitive to the energies of people and spaces around us.  Such spiritual sensitivity, together with a physiological, mental and emotional coherence, protects us from being effected by negativities in our environments.    In this way, the conditions for a deeper connection with conversational partners, a communion, where our capacities for empathy and protection simultaneously co-emerge in a conversation of possibilities.   

Papers for Downloading

Vasudeva, S. & McCarthy I.  2010  “Meditation for Therapists:  A spiritual inter-viewing of meditation and therapy”   Unpublished   (download)

McCarthy, I. & Vasudeva, S.  2002  "The Messenger is the Message:  Spirituality and Family Therapy".  Feedback,  9 (1).  2 - 9 (Click here for download)