Keynote and Plenary Presentations



EFTA Istanbul, Turkey    October.   Opening Keynote with Nora Bateson


Bateson’s Legacy to Systemic Practice.  Relate.  National Media Centre, Bradford. UK 20th  February.  (Flyer)  (Download Slides)

Steps to an Ecology of Mind.  UCD  Dublin   Film Discussant


The Fifth Province:  a tribute to Dr Nollaig Byrne.  Mater Misericordiae Hospital.


Care of the Self and Others:  Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. 

Conference of Religious of Ireland.  Dublin. May

The Space of the Fifth Province.  Training in a Woman’s Voice Conference.   Kensington

Consultation Centre International.  London, UK  June


Hope and Despair in Family Therapy.  With Professor Jim Sheehan.  Irish Council for

Psychotherapy.  Dublin.  June.

Co-Creative Counselling and Therapy.   Blue Star Ireland.  Dublin.  April.

Presence:  A Multi-dimensional Process in Therapeutic Conversations.  Sligo

Psychotherapy Centre.  Sligo.  january


Co-Creative Therapy.    Blue Star Centre, Loenen.  Holland.  December.

Still Points in the Fifth Province:  Co-Creative Processes of Transformation in a

therapeutic field of Possibilities.   Santiago de Compostela, Spain.  July.


Spirituality and Family Therapy,  Sundsval, Sweden, Jan

Systems Café Interview with Imelda McCarthy,  Stockholm Association of Family Therapy, 

Stockholm, January

Co-Creative Therapy and Counselling,  Northumberland Conference Centre, Cobourg,

Canada, March

Co-Creative Therapy and Counselling,  Blue Star Centre, Trinidad, March

Spirituality and Therapy:  Fifth Province Reflections,  Opening Keynote at Therapeutic

Conversations 6 International Conference, Vancouver, Canada, May

Co-Creative Therapy, Plenary interview, Therapeutic Conversations 6, Vancouver Canada,


Revolution in Therapy, plenary interview with Barry Duncan, Therapeutic Conversations 6

International Conference, Vancouver, Canada.  May

Counselling Social Work: An Holistic Approach, Opening Keynote at the Irish Association of

Social Workers Annual Meeting, Dublin May.

Co-Creative Therapy.   20th Anniversary Summer School, Kensington Consultation Centre. 

University of Canterbury, England.  July.

The Future of Systemic Therapy.  25th Celebratory Conference, Family Therapy Programme,

Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Dublin.  November (with Professor John Shotter, (USA/UK) 

Professor Peter Stratton, (UK)  Dr. Jakko Seikela, (Finland)  Ms. Lynn Hoffman, (USA)

Professor Jim Sheehan, Dr. Nollaig Brown and Mr. Philip Kearney (Ireland))


The Power of the Mind in Relationships.  Plenary presentation.  Blue Star Centre, Claxton

Bay,  Trinidad.  March

The Ongoing Development of Strengths-Based therapy in Ireland.  Keynot address to New

Innovations in Solutions Focused Therapy.  Organized by the Brief Therapy Group. Dublin.

The Fifth Province and Spirituality:  Co-Creating a Sacred Space of Love in Therapy

Conversations . Keynote address at the 20th Anniversary Conference of the Institute for

Systemic Studies, Hamburg, Germany:   4th June

The Power of the Mind in Relationships.  Blue Star Ireland.   Derry Northern Ireland, June


Spirituality and the Fifth Province.  International Narrative and Community Work

Conference,  University of Liverpool, Liverpool, July.


Class and Abilities:  A Fifth Province Approach.  Hearing Voices from the Margins.  

International Conference.   Hosted by Kensington Consultation Centre, London.    January 2002

Diamonds are a Therapists Best Friend: Bringing Hope to Child Protection.   

Marlborough Day Hospital, London. 11th March 2002. 

Child Sexualised Abuse Disclosure.       University of the West Indies,  Trinidad.     Hosted by

the Coalition against Domestic Violence, the Police Force and the National Association of

Secondary Teachers.     18th March 2002.

Abuse Disclosure in the Police.   Police Training Centre.   Port of Spain, Trinidad.     

Hosted by the Police Department.  26th March 2002

Communicating Better in Organisations.      Port of Spain General Hospital, Trinidad.   

Hosted by the Social Work Department.    16th August 2002

1    'Nuggets of Inspiration - Foundations of Hope'

2    Systemic Cafe - Plenary interview with Mia Andersson of Sweden.

3    Spirituality and Social Constructionism:  Through the lens of the Fifth Province

Approach.   Celebrating Hope Through Dialogue;  Systemic Social Constructionism in Action. 

University of Kent at Canterbury, UK.  1 - 3 July


Managing Child Sexualised Abuse Disclosure.    Police Headquarters.   Port of Spain.  

Trinidad.    Hosted by Police Department and Coalition against Domestic Violence. 

August 2001

Sacred Conversations in The Fifth Province.    European Brief Therapy Conference.   TCD.  

September 2001

Body Mind Spirit and Environment:  Implications for Family Therapy .  Family Therapy

Association of Ireland.  Annual General Meeting and Conference.   Dublin.  14th June.



The Fifth Province Approach:  an Ancient Metaphor for a New Millennium.  with Nollaig

Byrne & Philip Kearney.  9th EAP Conference.  Dublin.  June

Reconciling Talk:  Reflecting the Fifth Province in Culturally Sensitive Therapy with

Traumatised Families in Northern Ireland. 12th International Family Therapy Association. 

Reconciliation:  New Voices for a New Era.  Oslo Norway.  June.    (with Arlene Healey,

Director and Marie Kenny, Assistant Director, Family Trauma Centre. Belfast, Northern Ireland.)

Sacred Conversations:  Fifth Province Diamonds DISPUK Tenth Anniversary Conference 

(Danish Institute for Systemic Teaching, Supervision and Consultation).  Rhodes, Greece.   



Poverty, Women and Systemic Practice.   The Yugoslav Social Work Association and the   

National Secretariat of Social Services for Serbia and Monte Negro.    Belgrade, Federal

Republic of Yugoslavia.   February 1999

Feminism, Power and Discourse in Systemic Therapy:  Fragments from the Fifth

Province.   Bolton Institute Narrative Conference, Bolton, UK April 1999


The Feminisation of Poverty - The Inclusion of voices from women in poverty and New

Developments in the Fifth Province Approach.   Two Hemispheres Celebratory Colloquum -

The Shamrock and the Silver Fern, Family Centre, Lower Hutt, Wellington New Zealand.  


Abuse and Protection:  The Fifth Province Approach. The Assoication of Family Therapy

UK International Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland.  April

Re-Versing Therapy:   The Fifth Province Approach. Therapeutic Conversations 4,

International Brief Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy Conference.   Toronto, Canada.



'Multi-problem Families':  Abusing Norms?   With Professor S. Minuchin, Professor S.

Sharlin and Dr. M Shamai. 7th International Conference on Family Therapy:  A World between

war and peace:  Towards Healthy People, Families and Socieities. Jerusalem.  Israel.   March

Issues of Power and Psychotherapy:  Circularity in the Context of Social Inequality.    

With Jay Haley.    EFTA  European Family Therapy Association.   Third International

ConferenceBarcelona.  Spain.  October


Views from the Other Chair:  A Fifth Province Approach to Client Narratives  - With Dr.

Nollaig Byrne.   1996 International Narrative Conference, Vancouver, Canada.    February.

Women, poverty and Systemic Practices. Countering Oppressive Practices.  International

Conference, St. Catherine's College, Oxford. England.   April.

Steve de Shazer and Imelda McCarthy:  A Plenary Interview. Therapeutic Conversations

3,  International Conference, Denver, Colorado. USA.   June


Marital Knots.  Catholic Marriage Advisory CouncilAnnual Conference, Limerick,

Ireland.    March.

The Changing Family.   Conference to celebrate the UN Year of the FamilyCarlow.

Ireland.  April.

Women, Poverty and the Family.   UN HOPE Conference on the Family.   Akron, Ohio,

USA     With Professor Tom Andersen.  July.

Changes in Helpers Changes in Helping Systems:  International Conference.    Institute for

Systemic Experience, Prague,  Czech Republic.   September.   With Dr. Max Von Trommel and

Mr. Ernst Salamon


Serving those in Poverty:  A Benevolent Colonisation?   Fifth World Family Therapy

Congress,  Amsterdam,  May.    With Professor Salvador Minuchin


Lone Parenthood:  Women and Poverty Families At Risk:    European Conference,  

Wembley.   July.    with Dr. Jane Miller.

Co-Created Emotions:   Unjust Regulators or Free Expressions?   First European Family

Therapy Association (EFTA) Congress.  Sorrento, Italy. With  Elsa Jones


Colonial Sentences and Just Subversions:  The Potential for Abuse and Love in

Therapeutic Encounters.  Third World Family Therapy Congress,  Jyvaskyla, Finland. 

With Michael White


Meta-Contextual Issues in Child Sexual Abuse. 25th Anniversary International Conference: 

Developments in Systemic Approaches.   The Family Institute, Cardiff.    Topic:    With Dr.

Nollaig Byrne and Dr. Virginia Goldner (USA)

Second Order Cybernetics, Communication and Equality of the Subject.   40th Annual

Conference of the International Communication Association/School of Communications, DCU.   

Dublin (TCD) June 24 – 29 1990   .   With M. Scott Poole, U of Minnesota. USA, Ernst Von

Glasersfeld, U of Mass. USA, Hugh Gash, St. Patrick’s College of Education, Ireland, Philip

Kearney and Nollaig Byrne.   Frederick Steier, Centre for Cybernetic Studies in Complex

Systems, USA.  John Lannamann, U of New Hampshire, USA.


Paradigms Lost:   Re-Membering Herstories and other Invalid Subjects.   First World

Family Therapy Congress,    Dublin,  Ireland.  With  Drs. Harry Goolishian, Gianfranco

Cecchin, Luigi Boscolo, Professor Karl Tomm and Jim Sheehan