Co-Creative Spiritual Conversations focus on the common human issues that emerge in everyone’s life.  The process focuses on our our relational interconnectivity with everything in our lives.   As such, all in conversation have the possibility of expanding consciousness through connecting our individual experiences with a sense of being an intrinsic part of a shared and larger, more meaningful reality or world.

Spiritual conversations are about co-creating a space which in turn becomes supportive of participants to integrate every aspect of their lives in a meaningful and relational way as human beings.   Primarily, through this process we are invited to awaken to the existence of a co-evolutionary ‘Self’ - an individual and social Self of infinite and unknowable possibilities. 
More and more clients report that resolutions to their challenges emerge almost spontaneously in such a space.   I have referred to this spiritual and therapeutic space as a ‘Fifth Province’ or a Province of Possibilities.

One client’s description of her experiences in this co-created space:  

  1. “There must be something in this subtle counselling that actually does work, even if it can’t be quantified or identified at the time.   A picture of my life opened up for me which I never thought was even possible to see.     It became a complete picture which I could view clearly and still can – it has never changed since!  The sense of it at the time was that this had come from another domain.   I understood everything ! I forgave everyone who I believed had ever slighted me and I loved each and every single person in the world!  And as a result all my problems disappeared by themselves…. She held a space for me where it was possible for this to happen by itself.      I started to look at the beautiful flowers again.   I perceived she was doing “nothing” – and that is exactly how the magic happens!  Because I now know she was holding a window open for me to set myself free (or is it mySelf?).”   Jean

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